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About Abteen Bagheri

Abteen Bagheri, 23 years old, was born in Los Angeles in 1989 to Iranian parents. He began “directing” at an early age, making short films with classmates on a VHS camera around age 10, a passion he continued working at through his middle school, high school, and college years.

He attended Stanford University, where he earned his BA in English Literature with an Emphasis in Creative Writing, and Film Theory, working to hone his skills as a fiction writer and understand the development and existence of the narrative form. Abteen graduated at the top of his class, studying a variety of disciplines from neuroscience to computer science to technology entrepreneurship and philosophy, earning him membership to the ΦBK national honors society.

At Stanford, Abteen was a leading member of the Film Society, teaching a weekly workshop to students interested in writing, shooting, and editing their own short films. Despite there being no emphasis on film production at Stanford, he continued making films and acted as the film society’s equipment manager, granting him access to film equipment and equipment budgets. This allowed for Abteen to essentially create his own private film school. The summer after graduating from Stanford, Abteen directed his breakthrough video for Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky’s “Peso.”

ASAP Rocky went on to sign a major record deal with RCA Records immediately following the release of the video. Abteen is currently living in Los Angeles, working on writing a feature length screenplay. He strives for exploration and experimentation at the early stages of his directing career-working in a variety of styles and subjects for his music videos and shorts. He is also excited to be the youngest director on the Somesuch & Co. roster.

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