A new Canadian kit car manufacturer, Dubuc Super Light Cars (SLC), has unveiled the Tomahawk, a lightweight, mid-engine kit car that’s promised to weigh under 2,000 pounds. The Tomahawk will debut at the Montreal International Auto Show in January.

Dubuc SLC says the car will feature a 300-pound aluminum monocoque that’s bonded and bolted together and a lightweight polymer body. The kit will be manufactured in Quebec City. A C4-generation Chevrolet Corvette will provide the suspension components and the company says that almost any type of powerplant can be bolted amidships, including an electric motor or an internal combustion engine.

The body and frame kit is priced at 19,995 Canadian dollars ($18,755), and a C4 Corvette will add a bit more to the build. Dubuc SLC says that a “skilled individual” should be able to build a Tomahawk in around 250 hours, but we’re thinking it’ll take most amateur mechanics a bit more time than that. All in, a complete Tomahawk should require “a total budget of [30,000 Canadian dollars] ($28,140) and more,” the company says. That raises an important question: How much more?