One day with (graffiti timelapse) from David Coiffier on Vimeo.

Thanks to graff artist BABS, we managed to spend one day with some of the finest Paris graffers.
3 fixed cameras ran the whole day, while a 4th was used with a Kessler ShuttlePod to provide close-up shots in movement.
Artists, from left to right, are :
SOCROME – LCN crew –
BABS – UV, TPK crews
KEYONE – LCN crew –
SUBY – D.77, 3HC, ALB crews
Music track is “Pónle La Clave” from Chucho Valdes. Some may find it’s an unusual association with this type of visual art, but it happens to match perfectly with the inner timelapse pace, and gives something more appealing (at least to me) than any rap music could ever provide.
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