Daniel DuBois
Age: 18
Home: Martinez, California
Sponsors: Foundation (flow), Osiris (flow), Ambig, OJ Wheels, Metro Skateshop

Am who should be pro: Forrest Edwards.
Trick you want to learn: Kickflip back overcrook.
TV show you’re hooked on: Total Black Out.
Favorite TransWorld cover: Busenitz back noseblunt.
Video you’re waiting for: Josh Matthews’ part in PM25.
Good advice: If it were easy everyone would do it.
Pet peeve: Thinking of pet peeves.
Best skater to be stranded on an island with: Javan Campello.

Little Daniel has been punking me since he was 12 years old. And since then, I always knew he was gonna take me out and destroy everything in his path. He’s 18 now, drives a Camaro, gets with hot babes, and he still punks me. The dude is living the dream and I’m hyped to see Fat Dan terrorizing the Bay Area.—Corey Duffel