Another year has passed with great memories, events that took place this year in the National Football League.

We had the domination of rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. one-handed catch. Including another collapse by Peyton Manning and company.

A very exciting year in football had its closure last night with the defending Champions the Seattle Seahawks taking on the legendary Brady and company. Of course everyone is playing for that title of being called champions.

Last night what seem to be another upset with the Seahawks up by ten points in halftime was just another ending of another successful season for the Patriots.

However, it did not come easy for the New England football club. Tom Brady was even scared when he remembered the “helmet catch” made by David Tyree. He could have sworn it was going to happen again when Russel Wilson threw a bomb towards the sideline to Kearse and he made an incredible catch.

The Seahawks find themselves on the goal line with a little over a minute left. Hello, Seattle Seahawks did you forget that your running back was arguably the best running back in the league this season. That is like Dallas Cowboys forgetting they had Emmit Smith and on goal line just throwing it to Alvin Harper.

The unfortunate thing here is that this bozo play will go down in history. I can already see myself on the couch watching NFL rewind or NFL Films on the NFL Network. I can hear that ole guys voice saying the biggest controversial play calling in Super Bowl history.

One of my favorite parts of the game is seeing Richard Sherman signaling the number 24 calling out Revis. Hey, Sherman your team lost. How about calling your number out.

Overall it was a great game, very close and very competitive. Oh, I forgot to mention, halftime my girl Missy Elliot did her thing, Katy who??? Peace.