Burberry World Live: The the first live event for Burberry in a series set to continue throughout the year. Burberry World Live will also travel to London, Hong Kong, and Chicago is in Taiwan to celebrate the opening of its first flagship store.

Creating a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience that celebrating the brand’s heritage and key differentiator among its competitors, the weather, which bears reference to Burberry’s iconic trench coats.

The concept is a custom cylindrical space built within the store that brings to life the world of Burberry heritage, fashion, and weather.

Projection walls ensconce guests in the space, providing a 360˚ film viewing experience while live music and digital ‘weather’ fully immerse guests in the experience. Lights flash as if lightning has entered the space, ‘wind’ tosses umbrellas from screen to screen, and the sound and images of a rainstorm appear on the ceiling while videos of Burberry collections fill the space.