The NFL Draft is long gone and the NBA Draft is swiftly approaching.  Draft day is the highlight of many young African American males lives.  It is the day that can make or break them.  After draft day, everyone always hears about the high round draft picks, but what happens to the people that didn’t make it?

It is sad to say, but many young athletes that don’t make it do not know what to do with their lives.  Yes, it is true that most of them attended college for at least a year and some even graduate with degrees, but the unfortunate truth of it is that their real major was whatever sport they were playing at the time, not whatever is printed on their degree.

Something needs to be done about this.  Young athletes, especially Black males need to be taught that they can have a regular life after sports are done.  They need to be encouraged to actually learn in school and not just allowed to ease by.  There is life after sports!