British car maker Rolls Royce with a little extreme modification from Italian tuning company Fenice Milano, who not only has fingers in Rolls Royce, will take more or less Arab sheikhs of Moscow’s gilded youth. The newest project of the current generation model Lightning Ghost is called, which shall be presented in three versions. Already looking at these pictures we have to forget about the traditional style and elegance of Italian designers and craftsmen who offer us the gift beautiful clothes and beautiful cars. First, it did not save 24ct gold, which is decorated in bizarre finish dashboard, steering wheel, center console, door accessories and more. Finally, we must not forget the power unit with a standard setup 570 hp (420kW) and torque to the value of 780nm. So one hundred per 4.4 seconds with a max. speed of 310 km / h (without limitation). Cost, €1.5/$1.97 million