From Jake Davis Blog

I’ve always been interested in what makes an icon. Superstars can do pretty much anything in front of the camera and we stay intrigued. Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests are a true example of that. I’ve wanted to do a modern take on them since the success of Test Shots. So when my good friend, one of the most creative people I know, Matty Williams was photographing A$AP Rocky for Vogue Homme Japan and asked if I’d be interested in directing a collaborative film with Rocky as the subject, I thought Warhol’s Screen Tests would be a great starting point. I knew Rocky and Matty would get it and add all the right little accents. With styling from Simonez Wolf I thought we could definitely capture a pivotal moment in Rocky’s career as well as the culture.

There’s one film in particular of Lou Reed drinking a Coca-Cola in a glass bottle that really encapsulates the series for me. The execution is very simple but it’s the symbols, details, and iconism of the subject that make it classic. Matty and Rocky have so much energy on set I was so happy to be invited to the show. I hope you enjoy the new series #ScreenTests featuring the most exciting and electric rapper to come out of New York in a very long time… This one if for the Tumblrs… Live. Love. A$AP…

Series: #ScreenTests
Featured: A$AP Rocky