for many inhabitants of big cities like new york and london, a night spent under a sky full of stars is an unlikely event, if not impossible. skyscraping buildings and inevitable air pollution limits the possibility of even getting a glimpse of the awe-inspiring universe above.


london-based art and design studio aim to synthesize design, architecture and technology to craft spaces and living matter into magical experiences. for the light night canning town 2014 — curated by the brick box— the team have brought these otherwise unseen sights to the city, realizing ‘osmo’, a monumental silver sphere with a projected universe held within its interior. inflated and placed underneath london’s high-traffic A13 flyover, the infinite mirrored space allows visitors to relax ‘under the stars’ and gaze at a physical re-creation of the night sky. using laser beams bounced between layers of film, the experiential expanse envelops viewers in it reach, completed by an ambient soundscape orchestrates that throughout the space.