Here is a full look at the adidas Originals’ Wimbledon Pack for summer 2014. The collection includes the Forest Hills, Nastase Master and both editions of the Rod Laver.
The Wimbledon theme is aptly presented in white with each classic tennis shoe receiving a leather build and beige detailing. Adding to the theme, Wimbledon colors (green and purple) are placed on the heels and insoles of each sneaker.
The kicks are currently hitting shops in Europe. In the UK, the kicks are a Size? exclusive, releasing on Friday, the 23rd of May through the shop.
To promote the collection, adidas commissioned Huddersfield-based artist Peter O’Toole to create the images seen here, inspired by Lindon Underground posters from the 20s and 30s.

Sneakers | adidas Originals Tournament Edition Collection [Wimbledon]