Richard Sherman in three days has been talked about more then the biggest football game of the year and in the world..

Richard Sherman has been the most talked about sports figure in the past few days then one could ever imagine. On Jan. 19, before the NFC Championship game, the general sports fan knew Richard Sherman to be one of the best or the best shutdown corners in the NFL. Also, most people knew that Sherman has a PacMan mouth on him as well.

In just one moment Richard’s mouth took him to a whole other level. Just a couple of minutes after Sherman batted Colin Kaepernick’s pass to Malcolm Smith, for the game winning interception. He then was interviewed by Erin Andrews.

What happened next, which I am sure everyone knows by now. has to be one of the most wildest post game interviews ever or at least in a very long time.

The reaction was absolutely insane, if you are like me, I did not mine the comments Sherman made. It was indeed brash but filled with such passion. It was definitely better then some of the cliche responses we hear in most of these post game interviews. Unfortunately, some people went on to twitter and other media sites and delivered very nasty racial slurs at Sherman.

In a interview with Rachel Nichols, Sherman talked about the latter group:

Sherman shared that, “it was mind boggling” about the racial comments said to him. “For the people that did react that way, and throw racial slurs and things like that out there, it was really sad.”

The most common word that was mentioned during the reaction, was “Thug”. During a press conference on Wednesday, Jan 22, Sherman talked about how much that bothered him.

As you can hear Sherman makes some valid points.

He definitely was in the heat of the moment after making one of the biggest plays of his career. He has apologized since in a attempt to put some attention on his teammates who helped Seattle book a spot in the Super Bowl versus a dominant Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Still, if you do not want to like him, or if you were not pleased by his actions, that’s fine. But to call him a “thug” or bring race into the equation reeks of ignorance.

Sherman is a smart, talented player. Some don’t like him, but he hasn’t harmed anyone. And there’s no denying he plays the game at a very high level with passion and intensity.

He’ll put that on full display in the biggest game of his career in Super Bowl XLVIII.