Get ready for takeoff! SmartPlane is the world’s first smartphone-controlled gadget airplane and defines a whole new market.

The SmartPlane is ultra light and, with its slow flying speed, it is designed for indoor areas such as hallways, large living room, entrance hall, spacious meeting rooms, exhibition halls and sport halls. But even in calm conditions, there are no limits to the fun of flying!

The pilot controls the SmartPlane intuitively with the iPhone held on their palm. The SmartPlane responds to hand movements of the pilot in realtime. Tilt, turn and increase the throttle – it cannot get any simpler! You only need one hand to control the SmartPlane, which allows huge freedom when you fly, and further strengthens the intuitive feel of the control interface.

TobyRich was founded by the entrepreneur and Internet of Things architect Tobias “Toby” Dazenko and the German aviation engineer and product designer Ulrich “Rich” Ditschler. They started as a small with one simple idea: to build a smartphone-controlled airplane that was lighter than a sheet of paper, and then they wanted to bring it to the masses.

Over the past two and a half years, TobyRich has been pushing the limits of Bluetooth Smart technology to create surprising breakthrough products. Their faith in the market was substantiated when they developed PowerUp 3.0, a smartphone-controlled paper airplane, and raised over $1.2M to become an overnight media darling. Since then other companies have partnered with TobyRich with a mission to cut the cord and build connected, wireless, smart gadgets that tickle our fantasies.

Now with 5 full-time and 6 part-time employees, TobyRich remains focused. There’s a lot of cool tech cooking in their open-plan office in northern Germany. The weather is mostly terrible but the enthusiasm is always skyrocketing ahead!