Wearable apple technology could open up new and improved advertising channels.

Advertisements are being able to factor in the things we have been looking at online, social status, income, and countless other variables – but do you ever wonder if they were also able to pick up on your mood? Apple has submitted a patent for just such a service. The service would be able to take advantage not only of your desires, but also your emotional state.

The major factors that determines how successful an ad is: include location, time of day, current activity and mood; all of which are now able to be volunteered when you strap on the latest piece of wearable technology. The wearable piece could measure the heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline level, body temperature and verbal cues in particular in which could help Apple to determine your state of mind.


The wearable technology could provide insight into the type of content you’re viewing, which applications you use and when, what kind of music you listen to for certain tasks, also your interaction on social media networks. When all of this information is put together, it allows for real-time advertising choices that increase the likelihood of you buying something that would otherwise be completely unappealing.

The patent also covers privacy and methods to keep it intact, such as mood profiles that only last a certain amount of time, and the storage of data according to existing privacy policies and user agreements. There would also be the usual “opt in” or “opt out” for you to choose from, which keeps the control firmly in your hands.