I’m a huge fan of the The Hundreds. Over the past several years they have emerged as one of the most creative and innovative companies within the streetwear industry. They are constantly blurring the lines of culture and connecting the dots where a lot of people can’t.

Earlier this week Bobby Hundred took to the Hundreds Blog to drop some knowledge about building brands and staying true to your creative goals.

This is a must-read for any individuals looking to launch clothing companies or developing customer products.

Here’s a small taste of the knowledge being drop!

Our legacy has been built on response and change: Responding to the status quo or what’s popular. Responding to what everyone else in our category is doing or following. Responding to what Streetwear says is right and Skateboarding says is cool. And fighting against it to create change, set our own standards, traditions and paradigms. {Read the Entire Post}

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