So I’ve heard a couple of different stories as to how Sir Richard Branson got started, magazine – record mail order – record store – airline to space travel… Either way he’s been grinding for 40 years and as of last year, according to the Forbes 2011 list of billionaires he was 4th richest citizen of the United Kingdom($4.2B)
It will definitely be worth keeping an eye out for Virgin Money‘s takeover of nationalized lender Northern Rock. A new television advertising campaign and 3D projection show highlight its promise to be a better kind of bank.

A 3D projection show inspired by the ad was held last month at the University of London’s Senate House Library courtyard to launch Virgin Money. Hosted by Richard Branson, the 270-degree, fully immersive architectural projection showcased 40 years of Virgin history. You can watch the “40 years of better” TV ad and get a taste of the 3D projection video below: