Back at it for December, 2012’s Art Basel, Rime and The Seventh Letter teamed up with Klughaus Gallery and Live From The Streets to bring an out of the box experience to Miami. With rented UHaul trucks to be painted, mobile music performances, and a cache of alcohol, weed, and mushrooms on deck, Rime and crew were able to keep the party going through out the week. Long nights of painting, partying, disappearing people and vehicles, and outwitting cock blocking cops made for hard to forget adventure.
See the Live from the Streets episode (featuring Rime, Wen & others) made from sounds collected
from this Art Basel trip here:
See photos of the finished spray painted pieces from this project here:
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Mr. Green
Miami Nights 1984
The Anthropologists of Nosy Mangabe

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Here’s the special Live from the Streets sampled entirely at Miami Art Basel featuring famed grafitti artists Rime and Wen, psychedelic drugs, and other assorted characters. And here’s what Mr. Green had to say:

“This episode is different because it’s the first time we’ve gone outside the boundaries of hip hop.

Basically, Rime, a legendary graffiti writer, invited the OG Live from the Streets crew, Sam Lipman-Stern and myself, to Miami for Art Basel to make a film with him, the Seventh Letter, and the Klughaus Gallery.

The plan was for Rime and several other famous graffiti writers to paint a bunch of rental trucks and then drive them all over the city. While that happened, it was my job to DJ out the back of the truck while Rime’s minion Meca, a former professional heavy metal drummer, played drums on the roof and Sam filmed all the madness.

After the trip, Rime said he envisioned me making a “Miami Freestyle” beat out of some of the stand-out sounds from the trip. Even though it’s not something I would normally do, since Rime is such a master at what he does I decided to follow his vision and make something much faster and more dancy than anything I’ve ever done.


For more info on Mr. Green’s collaboration and to watch the 10 minute film, go here:

Special thanks to:
Rime, Wen, Chocolatte Lady, Mr. Do or Die, Klughaus, The Seventh Letter, Smart Crew, and everyone else that contributed to the project.”


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