By Gennie DePass

The Trayvon Martin story has been repeatedly told on various news outlets since the murder occurred on Febuary 26th, 2012. There is no need to repeat the gruesome tale because by now everyone is familiar with it.

However, something that does need to be discussed is FOX News’ recent story on the issue. FOX News today came out with a report accusing Martin of stealing the Skittles and iced tea that was found when police searched his dead body.

FOX News has always faced criticism for their often biased reports. However, this recent report is taking it too far. It is disrespectful to accuse Martin of a crime he may or may not have committed when he is not here to defend himself.

FOX’s story is based on the word of Sanford’s police chief, whom recently stepped down. He claimed that when searched officers never found a receipt on Martin. However, who is to say that Martin did not throw the receipt away when he walked out of the store?

Already fired up Americans are becoming even more enraged by FOX’s report and some are even calling for a boycott of their station.