For at least one company, the Internet of Things would more appropriately be called the Internet of Everything.

Or Evrythng, as the vowel-averse company prefers to spell its name. Today, this maker of the Smart Products Platform announced it has rounded up $7.5 million in new funding so it can get everything in order.

The platform — one of a number being offered for universal connectivity — helps product makers connect their wares to the booming Web.

More importantly, it is designed to tap data from the product and from the maker to track supply chains, distinguish fake products, issue updates, customize how it’s used, and more.

It’s a vision that includes, well, almost everything. CEO and founder Niall Murphy told me via email, for instance, that he envisions “a connected washing machine [that] gets smarter by talking to the packs of washing powder that go into it,” to help guide the running time, speed, and other factors that govern a washing load.

The company originated from a discussion in a coffee shop between Murphy and now-CMO Andy Hobsbawm in 2009.

“I had the idea that every physical object in the world — from the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the beers we drink, and homes we live in — would have an addressable, real-time presence on the Web,” Murphy said. Originally, the thought was to build a Facebook for all the non-people out there, to create new experiences and efficiencies.

To get there, Murphy said, his company is busily crafting partnerships with chipset companies like Marvell, Intel, and Broadcom and with ones that make RFID, QR, and other smart packaging tech, like Avery Dennison and Thinfilm.