ITS 2013 Year in Review. What a year! With the year going by so fast we were able to witness a lot of good movies this year.  “In The Streets”, has put together the best Top 10 movies of the year for us.

10.  “The Worlds End”


The plot boils down to four guys getting completely wasted in order to stop the apocalypse.  It is one of the most mature films out, “Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy”. Even  “Hot Fuzz being packed with action and “Shaun of the Dead being very quotable, the emotional bond between the main characters in “The Worlds End” is stouter, richer and more full bodied.  This film captures the action and comedy that has not been seen since “Ghostbusters”.  The film also captures the feeling of what it’s like to grow up and grow apart from those you care about.


9. “World War Z”


With director Marc Forster last big budget effort being the worst James Bond movie ever everyone figured “World War Z” would be a disaster. However, the trailer of the film had an impressive tower of CGI zombies as the main selling point. Brad Pitt topped off an exciting and, most of all, scary undead surprise. The film was able to catch the audience off guard not only in the quality of the movie but in how it plays with scale, both large and small.


8. “Spring Breakers”


At first it was really hard to take James Franco serious playing such a weird role. Which is unusual of Mr. Franco to play anything but weird roles. The Film had misleading marketing that got people to see a better movie than what they expected.  ” Spring Breakers” is about people who talk a lot about being bad and what happens when they meet the real deal.


7. “Dallas Buyers Club”


“I prefer to die with my boots on,” Matthew McCaughey’s Ron protests as he goes against doctor’s orders. Jared Leto is searing and heart wrenching as Ron’s unlikeliest  of sidekicks.  The character in the film is battling HIV-AIDS.  Intuitive in all the right ways, “Dallas” flaunts its star’s most important performance to date


6. “12 Years a Slave”


This is a film in which everyone should watch at least once in their lives. We need to be reminded that not too long ago our country was filled with hate and acts of prejudice crimes. The story of Soloman Northup’s jouney from freedom to slavery and back again is almost unbelievable. It is hard to believe that it’s a story that is based on truthful events and a real person that went through these troubling times. Chiwetel Ejiofor portrays the character perfect with every stab of physical and mental anguish on his face. It is hard to deny him being worthy of any awards given to him for this role.


5. “Iron Man 3″


This is the third film that mascot Robert Downey Jr has played as the flamboyant Tony Stark. Which was able to gross around 1.2 billion in the box office. Marvel brought together a group of lesser known heroes and made such a success.  The film is the actually the big test that came immediately after the final exam that was the “Avengers”.


4. “The Hunger Games, Catching Fire”


One thing is for certain that fight to the death is not just for teens any longer.  Newcomers like Finnick and Johanna add interest, and the brewing revolution shot darkly through director Francis Lawrence’s lens does not hurt either. The good thing, even though there is newcomers the core characters Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Haymitch and Effie are back at it again. They say the film “Catching Fire” beat “The Hunger Games” at its own game.


3. “The Wolf of Wallstreet”


With his last film “Hugo” people were considering that Martin Scorsese had lost his edge with making great movies.  He definitely shut the critics up with this film.  This is the 5th film Scorsese has collaborated with Leonardo DiCaprio on and some say this is the best of all the other films. The film does run a bit long, and it could be seen as unintentionally glamorizing the reckless behavior it actually decries. It’s still the most potent jolt of pure cinema you’ll see this year


2. “American Hustle”


When first seeing the previews for “American Hustle” it drew my attention because of the cast being in full 70’s mode.  Their hair and makeup and clothes had to match the era of the 70’s.  The fans of David O. Russell will find plenty to love in the third of the directors unofficial trilogy called, “East Coast People Being Loud”. The first two movies of Russells Trilogy was “The Fighter” and “Silver Lining Playbook”.


1. “Gravity”


The question you must ask your self in regards to this excellent movies is, how do they make such a spectacular visual and pulse pounding thriller but yet, one of the most heartfelt and genuinely moving stories of the year.  We do know one thing, that the director  Alfonso Cuarón directed an excellent science fiction movie.  Sandra Bullock and George Clooney both are shown dangled like puppets in a closed box to simulate the motion of spinning off into space.  Great movie a true must see.