Sportsfans – I know that you all just saw Melo lose in another playoff series. I’ve been seeing posts on various sites calling Carmelo Anthony a bum or a bust. Do us all a favor and please stop it!

Melo is arguably the best scorer in the league and one of the hardest guys to guard in the NBA. When he was with Denver, they were competitive, but honestly…were his teams better than:

Spurs – Won 3 championships since 2000

Lakers – Won 4 championships since 2000

Mavs – Won last season

Plus teams like the Jazz and Rockets who were very competitive while Melo was in Denver.

He’s lost in the first round to:

Lakers – twice

Spurs – twice

Jazz – D-Will, Boozer, AK47, Brewer, Okur

Timberwolves – KG won MVP and got to the West Finals

Clippers – Brand, Baker, Cassell, Kaman, Mobley

Celtics – Rondo, Allen, KG, Pierce

Heat – LBJ, Wade, Bosh

Out of all of these teams…the only teams that didn’t have a much better roster than Dever or NY may of been the Jazz and the Clippers. Give this dude a break.

A lot of people don’t really watch the games, they just watch the highlights and listen to talk radio. Carmelo is a top 10 player in the NBA and no matter the losses, you can’t take that away from him. Maybe he’ll never win a chip. The team that he’s on currently was built terribly; no PG, young SG and then you have Melo and Amare who basically play the same position and occupy the same floor space. Tyson anchors the defense, so that’s good…but they don’t have enough to make noise in the Eastern Conference right now. Bulls, Magic (with Dwight healthy) the Celtics and the Heat are just better. Melo doesn’t deserve all of the blame. He’s played well in every series he’s been in.

Maybe they’ll make some moves and get better next year. The Knicks have to get a PG and personally I’d try to trade Amare. If not, he’ll (Melo) will continue to get killed by the media and by ignorant fans.

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