The first round of the NBA Playoffs are almost over. The Knicks were eliminated last night and the Hawks, and Grizzlies should be next. So far we’ve learned that the Thunder and Spurs look ready for the chip, but the Heat and Pacers look impressive as well.

Alot of the NBA analysts are going with a Heat vs. Thunder matchup in the Finals…but I don’t believe in either team. Miami is vulnerable in the post and they lack quality depth. They should beat the Pacers in six games, buy the real test will be playing against a healthy Boston Celtics team in the East Finals. If you remember, Rondo had a dislocated elbow last year when Miami beat them. It will be a tough series and could go seven games. OKC has James Harden off of the bench but they play too much one on one basketball to beat a veteran team like the Spurs in a seven game series. I don’t think they even come out of the West. The Thunder still have to beat the Lakers to even think about the Spurs and LA has the best frontcourt left in the playoffs.

It’s becoming a young man’s league, but don’t be surprised if you see the NBA’s two oldest teams meet up in the Finals…Celtics and Spurs. I know the ratings wouldn’t be as high as KD vs. LBJ or Kobe vs. Lebron, but it still would be an intriguing matchup.

Stay tuned!