Not sure what artist to have on your playlist as your cruising down the block this summer?  If your looking for a rapper with crazy lyrical skills that can make you think and sit back and relax at the same time then Kendrick Lamar is your man!

Lamar hit the music scene in 2010 with his first mixtape, Overly Dedicated.  

The Compton native is bringing fire to the game and is definitely an artist to look out for in 2012.  His 3rd album, however in his eyes “true debut album” is set to be released sometime in 2012.  Lamar’s first single from the album entitled “The Recipe” dropped in early April featuring Dr. Dre and has already gained the attention of fans nationwide.

Don’t know what to do while you are eagerly waiting for his album to drop?  Have no fear!!  Lamar has recently been a collab fiend and you can find him featured on many songs from your favorite artists.  He is even featured in “A1 Everything” on Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 2.

Guess the West coast is making a comeback!  Keep your ears open for more on Kendrick Lamar, including his much anticipated album release date.